Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am Wearing Mama's Eye

Audrey loves to play with everything I wear, such as shoes, scarves, rings, earrings, sun glasses and you name it. When we are driving, she fascinates the most is my sunglasses. Of course, anything else one can think of that she can get access to in the car? She calls the glasses as "Yan3", which means eye in English. However, the Chinese word for glasses is "Yan3 JIng4". Apparently, she is unable to say the whole word in Chinese yet. Every time I wear my sun glasses, she will call "Yan, Yan" and ask to put them on herself. One day, I happened to have my camera in the car and recorded those amusing moments. She even knew to put the glasses up on the hair just like we adults do. It was so hilarious to watch her.

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