Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fried Rice

Many people like the fried rice dish from Chinese restaurants. Since it looks like a simple dish to make at home, many Westerners have tried it at home. I had no doubt that everybody could make this dish with no problem until one day a friend asked me how the fried rice dish was made in China. I never really cooked when I was in China, so I did not know how it was actually made, but I ate too many times in China and in Germany and in the States. From the look, I figured out how it is probably cooked, though. I guess many people also figured this out by eating and looking at it. Upon friend's requests, I had to tell my very unprofessional way on how to make this dish.

It is EASY!

1. Cook rice in a rice cooker or simply in a pot following directions. Set side the rice. Rice from the previous day is even better to make the fried rice dish.

2. In a saute pan, stir fry 2 eggs and set aside. If you use sausages, fry them in whole and set aside, too.

3. Use the same pan, without washing, fry the rice till grains are well separated. Set aside.

4. Add some oil to the pan, stir fry veggies that you like till they are cooked.

5. Cut the sausages into small pieces and stir into the veggies. Cook for a minute or two.

6. Add the rice and mix well, cook for a minute.

7. Add the eggs and stir gently.

8. Done!

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