Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dill Cottage Loaf

Dill has such an unique fragrance. Unfortunately, it is more seen in pickle jars than anywhere else. With $1.99, one can get a big bunch of it from Wegmans. After using a sparse amount for grilling salmon, I just did not know how to use the rest. I hate to throw foods away, though, so hubby found this bread recipe for me. However, it uses dill seed. Nevertheless, the idea of using additional cottage cheese in bread loaf got me into forging my own loaf. It turned out more than perfectly. It tasted really really good! The whole house smelled great, too. It is an absolute keeper!

Ready to pop into the Oven:

Fresh out of the Oven:

Slice it open and enjoy:

1 comment:

stephchows said...

This looks and sounds so good!! I love baking bread fresh at home, it's the best smell in the world if you ask me :)