Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ginger is Spicy!

Now I finally believe that toddlers hear and understand everything you say.

This evening, when I was cooking dinner, of course, Audrey had to watch. My loyal follower, whenever and wherever. She was practically standing on her kid chair to watch me since she is only 17 months old. I suddenly heard she was saying "Spicy, Spicy". I turned to her and found she was pointing to the big chunk of ginger on the counter. I was so surprised at her memory. It was weeks, if not months ago, she was asking for the foods I was preparing for dinner. I handed her a piece of ginger in an attempt of discouraging her to beg raw foods. However, she bit the ginger slice, ensuing with a horrible facial expression . I told her it was spicy. She then repeated "spicy" a few times. So many days past, she did not see ginger again until today and she still remember it.

Enjoying the beautiful Spring day:

A bit under the weather, though:

By now, she knows a few senses, such as spicy, hot, cold, fragrant and stinky. If I tell her the food is hot, she will blow on it and then test it with her extended tongue before eating it. Now our yard is decorated with flowers. She often points to the flowers while saying "flower, flower". The next thing she does it to get close to the flowers and sniff at them. It is such a wonderful experience to watch her developing.

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