Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Investment Ever, so far!

We got this sand table for Audrey's 18 months birthday. She absolutely loves it. The first day, after Hubby took her to the patio and showed her the sand table, she played a solid hour without looking for any of us. A couple weeks passed by, she still loves it, although she prefers to play it with me.

What she normally enjoys so much is shoveling sand to the water side. Yesterday, she even made a sand pile and called my attention to it. She pointed to the sand pile and said "Whaa, whaa" to me. That was really cute.

Here are some more pictures of her playing at the sand table the first time. I was out for chores, she did not spend even a second looking for me. Hubby was doing yard work the whole time without any distraction from her.

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