Friday, May 14, 2010

Tea - Self Sufficient

We planted one chocolate mint the year before and one pepper mint last year. Finally they are taking off this year. As a matter of fact, they grow too well, almost dominating the whole herbal area. I believe that they will eventually if I don't do anything to suppress them.

Making tea is the best way to consume them. Now I am self-sufficient on mint tea.

Pepper mint:

Chocolate mint:

Fresh mint tea:

2010 Mothers Day

I wanted to post this one on the Mothers Day, but my laziness defeated my diligence.

Audrey made these gifts for Mothers Day at the day care. Miss Jen told my hubby when he picked Audrey up that she spent almost 2 hours painting the box, one coat after another. We all were really surprised how concentrated she could be.

After they got home, Audrey said to me "MaMa, I have a present for you". The moment I saw them, my heart melted, in happiness.