Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tomato Pie

Hubby baked this tomato pie to welcome me returning home from my trip to Long Island. Tomato in a pie is a very intriguing idea. I snapped some pictures when Hubby was assembling the pie. It was very tasty, and of course, a bit fatty. The original recipe was a vegetarian dish. Hubby is by no means a vegetarian, so he added fried bacon, which was why this pie was a bit fatty to my taste. However, it is worthy trying if one gets too many tomatoes, like us. Our veggie garden provided us with quite a bit of them, even though the late blight took most of our crop.


MouseBabycakes said...

i saw the first photo and thought 'where is the tomato here'? :) well done, chris!

drchains said...

Thanks Marija! Here is the link for the original recipe ( One of the comments mentions mixing ricotta cheese and egg with the grated cheese topping instead of mayonaise. I think I will try that next time to help cut the grease, and calories! It was a definite calorie bomb!