Thursday, September 24, 2009

What can you do with a Ph.D. degree?

Spending 5 years of my 20s in the research lab earned me a Ph. D. degree. That 5 years were composed of long working days, working weekends, deprived stomach and empty pockets.
Almost 4 years after I earned my Ph.D., today I am thinking of alternative science careers. I am tired of bench work, had enough of failed experiments and got disappointed with the progress I made in the field of science and human health, and on a practical level, my expectation of pay back from the high education and hard work is not close to be fulfilled. Additionally, I would like to work with different and diverse people, not a silent bench and tubes every day.
My career exploration has started and so far, I have found many career choices out there for me to choose and do more research on. They are called alternative science career. I actually got really excited about those career paths after reading people's stories and what these careers are all about. Another common aspect of these careers is higher income in the hope.
What are particularly intriguing to me include Tech transfer, regulatory affairs, project manager, patent attorney and MSL.
I have started an internship at the OTT at our medical center. Time will tell me if I like this job.
As of other choices, more research and feedback from people in these fields will give me a better feeling.

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MouseBabycakes said...

I am glad you took this difficult step and left the bench, this takes some courage. This is probably the hardest step (of letting go), and I am sure you are on a good way of finding a more satisfying job! Keep us posted.

p.s. I am still not fed up of wet science, but I have the days when I think about 'alternatives' as well.