Sunday, August 16, 2009

Washing My Very Own Car

Finally, we bought another car two years after we moved to this public-transportation-impossible city. We both work at the U, so we carpool daily to work. However,owning one car often restrained one of us from going out to so things alone, sometimes, we even complained about each other when in that situation. After debating, we agreed on that argument stemmed from car shortage was not worthwhile the money or environment we saved. Here we go, we bought this used 2002 Subaru outback.

The previous owner did not groom the car well, as least, to my standard, therefore, the first thing I drove it home was to clean it inside and out very thoroughly, and in a very rare 90F summer day here. When I was doing the cleaning, I seemed starting to understand why many men love their cars more than their wives. LOL....

Of course, hubby had to take some pictures of me and the car when he saw me in such a devoted spirit.

FYI, this car plate is already replaced, so the address or ownership you might find online is invalid.

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