Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Taste of Summer-2009

Summer seems to be in a hurry on the way to upstate NY this year. We had about 10 days with the temperatures in the upper 80s.

We bought a pool for the little one before the long-due summer came here. At one point, we even thought this pool was another dust collector in the garage. However, we put it into use when the temperature finally went up to the upper 80s. Audrey absolutely loved it. Since she was still too little to play alone in the pool, so hubby had to sit by the pool the whole time she was in the water. I offered them some water toys. They had great fun splashing each other.


MouseBabycakes said...

what a cutie! looks like you are finding ways to cool down.

ChineseKite said...

Thanks. Now the temp is barely above 70F, so summer is leaving already!