Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Little Bookworm

Audrey loves reading basically everything. Very often, she would pull all the books off the shelves and immerse herself in the piles of books. She can sit still and read quite a bit while talking to the animals in the books. Sometimes, she slips out of my sight and becomes so quiet. I then start wondering if she is doing something that she knows she is not supposed to. But she often when I find her, she is concentrating on her books.

Reading is a good habit, but in the mean time, she is good at creating messes wherever she has been.

Look at the mess and her innocent expression:

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MouseBabycakes said...

Weimin, I enjoyed browsing through your blog a lot. Audrey is stunning, really, she will break hearts I can tell. Send my regards to Chris and I hope to see you some time? Marija