Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Toddlers, Double Loads of Fun.

Saturday, we had some friends over. They have a toddler girl, who is just one week older than Audrey. They two were like two miniature comedians together, double loads of fun!

"Let's see how big your mouth should be to eat this gigantic apple" "Thiiis biiiig"

Watching really tentatively:

"You are the respected guest, do you want one of my broken chalks?"

"What is growing on the back of your head?"

Let see what Papas are playing in the yard:

They have weapons, I'd better watch from the distance:

Finally, it is romantic dusk. Let's kiss!

"It is getting cold outside, shall we sit in front of our fireplace?"

They had a great time together. Audrey was pointing to the yard while saying Anna the next day when I took her downstairs.

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drchains said...

The third picture down should be recaptioned to "The meeting of the bellys." Too cute!