Thursday, April 9, 2009

A 16-month Old Bookworm !

Our baby daughter is a READER! We have never seen any kids of her age or even older who love reading as much as she does. Perhaps, I am wrong. My nephew, my sister's son, reads all the time and all kinds of books, from dictionaries to my Dad's big heavy historical works.

Audrey started reading at very very young age, started with the book called "Moonbeam bear goes to the beach". She reads her own books, our magazines, books on the bookshelves, newspapers and even store ads. Now she can point out dogs, cows, horses, cats, birds, ducks, and many more animals in the book. When she sees crying babies in the books, she will get my attention with some whiny voice and a sad and whiny face. It is so hilarious!

We have a 30-minute commute each way. She goes with us to nanny's. We often use books to comfort her or to shut her up. Every morning on the way to work/nanny's, she will read a magazine all by herself and make some sort of comments or mimic certain sound. Today, I finally took some pictures of her reading the magazine during car riding.

Reading is on:

Flipping to a new page while using the leg to support the magazine:

"This article is much more interesting!"

"No more distraction, please!" (The frame structure in the background is one of the bridges on the famous Erie Canal in NY)

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