Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weaning a 15month old

My baby daughter was still nursing on her 15 months birthday. As much as I loved providing the unique comfort to her, I started feeling embarrassed to let my colleagues know that I was still breastfeeding. After talking to Hubby, I decided to wean her. Sunday night, Feb. 21. 2009, she had a good dinner after an afternoon full of activities with us. Sunday night bathing put her into a comfy state. A warm bottle followed made her sleepy. It was the perfect time to skip breastfeeding. She was laid down in bed and passed out in no time. I felt so much relieved and excited, and shared the news with Hubby in no time. We also decided to let Hubby to comfort her when she woke up in the morning.

The next day morning, Hubby went to her room upon her crying. I was lying the bed half asleep. The baby crying had no stop after a good 5 minutes. I got up and ran downstairs with my eyes half closed. Even so, I still managed to warm up a cup of rice beverage and poured it to a bottle. Hubby was already waiting for the bottle with a extended arm towards the door. I ran back to bed. Ahh, peace and quiet set in. What a relief!

Just like this, a bottle before bed and upon waking up in the morning weaned my Lil' Sprout. She did not look for the comfy breasts at all. What a big girl we have!

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