Saturday, March 28, 2009

The first beautiful Spring weekend in 2009

After all, Spring did not forget our city in the upstate New York after an almost too long, too cold and too snowy winter. Today was such a beautiful day, sunny, warm and windless. Hubby already scheduled for brewing today, so our baby and I were going to have all the fun.

Powers farm market was scheduled to open today. Certainly, I would take Audrey there before her nap time. This is a family run farm store, selling all sorts of home grown veggies, eggs and milk, and of course home baked goodies. We try to support local farms, so we go there often and love it a lot. More importantly, they have a big outdoor livestock area for chicken, ducks, goats, cows, rabbits, deer and etc. Audrey is a fan of animals in her books. Indeed, she was very excited to see those live animals. To my surprise, she even recognized ducks and deer. Even though all of those animals were caged, she was scared to lean against me whenever the animal came close to the fence. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.

Our patio and back yard is a nature paradise, so we mother and daughter decided to enjoy the nature and have fun in our own yard this afternoon. We first drew or doodled on the patio. Audrey kept taking more and more chalks out. In no time, her dress was covered with chalks, so was her hat (actually mine), even her face. Hubby even joined us for a while in between his brewing session. Our patio recorded his work! I drew the Lil Sprout.

We also had our snack break, eating apples, drinking water, WITHOUT washing our hands after handling those giant chalks. At least, our snacks were pretty healthy!

The rest of the afternoon saw us chasing in the yard, playing peek-a-boo, eating dirt and shooting pictures. It is challenging to take focused pictures for a 16-month old, who is on the go all the times.

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