Saturday, March 14, 2009

A mother's heart can be melted so easily!

Almost 3 weeks ago, I stopped breastfeeding my 15 months old. The first morning without breastfeeding went rather well after Hubby offered her a bottle. She even went back to sleep, which made our morning so much easier. We showered and went downstairs to pack lunch bags and then have breakfast without any distraction. Just before I finished my cereal, I heard "MaMa, MaMa" from upstairs. Whaaa, my baby did not cry for MaMa after waking up any longer, instead she was calling for MaMa. What a progress. My heart started singing and dancing.

The whole day at work, whenever I thought about the call of MaMa, I just felt my heart was dancing again, and I put on an instant smile on my face. A baby can lighten one's day so easily and joyfully. Thank you, my Lil' Sprout!

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ling said...

what a wonderful progress!! Good girl, Audrey. You are grew up!