Monday, February 15, 2010

House with a Two-Year Old = Messy House

Audrey is a mess maker! After a weekend, she will transform the living room into a disaster land.

All the books will be scattered on the floor. She loves to read, so she yanks one book after another one from the bookshelves to satisfy her curious mind. Sadly, she does not know the proper way, or any way, to stack them back on the shelves. She then will walk on the books to get where she needs to. Yeah, nothing can hurdle me-baby. Good girly, way to go.

Stuffed animals can only offer temporary comfort to her. She will hold one piece for max. 2 minutes, then drop it where she is and move on to grab another one that catches her attention. However, there is exceptions. That are the baby dolls. She loves them so much that she practically sleeps with them and will get distressed whenever they are out of her sight.

About two weeks ago, I was skypeing with my parents, in no time, Audrey transformed our living room to this litter wonderland. Mom on the other end of the line kept saying "this is so normal for a toddler." Really???

The Disaster Wonderland:

But, I am unable to stand that kind of mess. So after she went to sleep on that Sunday night, I had to put things in order for the following week. I call this Disaster After:

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