Sunday, February 21, 2010

Audrey's Weekend Braids

Now I find it more and more fun to have a girl as I can play with her long hair and test my styling skills.

Saturday, Audrey was very cooperative in the morning because she knew we were going to the library. Yeah!!! Therefore, I took the opportunity to ask her to make braids for her. AND she said yes.

I wanted French braids on my own head so badly all these years, but my skill is not up for one on my own hair. So I decided to try it out on Audrey's hair now since I have a model. :-))))

They looked so pretty on her! This also gave me the confidence that I am actually able to make them.

Modeling started:

Front: (taken after coming back from the library)




See, she posed perfectly for those pictures.


MouseBabycakes said...

what a perfect model you've got :)

ChineseKite said...

yes, we are lucky to have her and enjoy her company.

Any plan for you guys to add a little one to your lives soon?