Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese Buns

Chinese buns are very tasty, but are kind of difficult to make. Of course, the difficulty is relative to one's cooking capabilities. Asking 10 middle-aged Chinese women in Northern China, I bet at least 8 of them will think making Chinese Buns is a snap. Both my Mom and sister will be in the 8 group.

I have tried a few times to make them. My memory is either the buns were not risen, or collapsed once I opened the steamer lid. After soliciting advices and trial&error, I managed to make decent Chinese buns now.


Closer view:

Inside view:

One day, I took some for lunch at work, a Canadian girl saw it and started drooling. There is reasons for her exaggerated reaction. That is because she lived in Beijing for a semester and impressed in Chinese food served there. Anyway, I nicely shared one bun with her and awarded by her satisfied murmuring, yummy yummy.

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