Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taking a bath in the dinner hostess' house?

I have to write something about Audrey based on what happened last night.

We were invited to a dinner at a couple friend's house last night. We have never been to their house before. It happens that we all work at the same U and I am Chinese as well. I got to know the wife N via a Taiwanese neighbor. I talked to the wife a few times and never saw the husband T before. My hubby and Audrey met the wife a couple times with me, not to mention the husband.

We got to their house in a heavy rain. Audrey just woke up from the car-nap and was not active until dinner started. Over the dinner, Audrey became herself, playing peek-a-boo with a young guy cross the table, calling him Uncle, sitting on his lap, poking his face... Of course, she got very comfy with the husband T and wife N in no time, too.

After dinner, we were talking about science, career and the like. Wife N was so nice that she took Audrey to the living room that the husband T could tell us all about his vision and experience as a retired U professor.

After a while, Wife N came out asking me for a diaper because Audrey wanted to take a bath. I could not help bursting into a good laughter. Looking at Audrey's expecting and serious eyes, I went to the car to get her a diaper. We went back to our talk with our heads shaking in disbelief. Some time passed, Audrey and Wife N walked out again. I could not believe my eyes. Audrey was in a very pretty orange night dress, long to her ankle, hair neatly combed to the side. To be honest, my breath was taken by her beauty at that moment. The long hall way from the living room to the dinning room became a red carpet for Audrey. She was proudly waiting for compliment. That was so Audrey!

Audrey took a bath at our first visit to this couple's house. I could not understand how a toddler thinks. She is so unafraid of strangers. She can make herself so comfortable in such a short time. In my eyes, this is a good merit. Of course, my cautious hubby thought of the down-side of it, too. She can be easily taken away from strangers as well.

I wrote this down so that I will recall this clearly years later and tell her matter-of-factly. It is a pity that I did not take a picture of her at that moment.

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agnona said...

when I was reading the title for this story, I wanted to see how she looked then. Feel pity there is no picture for that beautiful moment.