Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The last day of "self-quarantine" at my grandma's birthday party

Before going to the restaurant for the birthday lunch, we had a family picture taken. Audrey did not let anybody sit next to her, so you see the big gap between her and Lishan, who, I guessed, was angry at the irrational and bully Audrey.

There were two separate rooms for all the families and relatives. Traditionally, man and woman sit at separate tables at this sort of occasions. However, I had to translate for Chris and I did not want to sit at the smoky man's table, my Dad decided that two tables were grouped by generation. My grandparents are apparently not our generation, but we thought they would not do any harm to us, so we agreed to let them sit with us. Am I kidding? Why was there an empty seat? That must be the creator of the below picture. By the way, the big yellow picture or chicken scratch (Chris' definition) on that big red background is "longevity" in Chinese, just in case you wonder. And, the colors are exactly the same as our national flag. Such an auspicious sign!

Below picture was taken by me. My Dad urged us to go to my grandparents' place relatively early on the birthday. In my opinion, 10 Am was pretty darn early. However, 9:30AM, the rushing phone call already came. I barely jumped out of the shower. Anyhow, we rushed to grandparent's place. The weird thing was I felt so strange to my grandparents. In order to get acquainted quickly, I had the idea of taking some pictures of them. Grandma's smile was so precious that I had to ask her a few times before I saw this one with a small smile.

My sister hired a professional photographer. Audrey became his favorite model immediately. I have to say, quite nice shots he captured.

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