Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd day in China - escape the self-quarantine.

The second morning after we arrived at my parents' place, Chris started missing coffee, or he wanted to wake up in the morning. After all, we were very much jet lagged. Day became night and night became day to us, so it was not easy to stay sharp during the day. However, we were suggested to stay home for 7 days because Chinese party was afraid of us coming from swine flu spreading country! To us, this was a joke! Fortunately, no guards were watching us, so we escaped the house on the 2nd day.

Well, coffee is not a popular drink in China yet, especially in small cities like my home town. Thank to the successful penetration of Western fast food chains, a convenient KFC is just around the corner of my parents condo community.

Of course, KFCs are equipped with kid play area with slide, which is one of Audrey's favorites. Chris got the coffee, then Audrey started her fun time in the KFC. Certainly, mama had to play with her. So I became a kid with age below 8 for once.

The waitresses at the KFC got so excited at seeing a Chinese-American mixed baby. They took turns coming to us. One of them later handed Audrey a bunch of KFC toys. It was very nice of them.

It was very nice to get out of the house, indeed. Everybody was happy when we were leaving KFC and starting another adventure later.

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