Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2nd day in China - meeting my Dad

After the KFC visit, we wandered around my parents community. It has a park next to it. Audrey missed grass, so did we. It was very sunny and quite warm, upper 80F, and perfect for a leisure walk in the park.

See, how much we were relaxed and enjoying the limited green nature there:

After about 10 minutes in the sun, we started seeking for some shade. The ally along the condos was perfect. We then walked along there. Guess whom we saw? Of course, my Dad. Since we were self-quarantining at my parents home, Dad decided to stay at my grandparents' place for about a week. In this way, he could take care of my his parents and also go get things when needed for us. Thus, up to this point, we had not seen him yet since we came to China.

From the distance, I saw Dad. I told Audrey to call "Lao Ye", grandpa in Chinese. She was then calling and running toward my Dad with two arms open. Skype, thank you! It was so cute. Dad soon saw us, too.

We were supposed to be isolated from people, see what we were doing:

Of course, Audrey had to try on Dad's "Two Legs", which are the Chinese characters written on his bike basket:

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