Saturday, September 6, 2008

My baby Audrey went to the Daycare.

After a year on the daycare waiting list, Audrey finally got in as of Sept 2, 2008, when she was 9.5 months old. She joined the room 2. The first day she was more curious than upset, so we did not have much trouble to leave her there, but she cried a lot, refused to take bottles, did not know how to put herself to sleep in the crib. She was so tired when I went to the daycare at lunch time. She dozed off while I was breast feeding her, and woke up the moment I stood up to put her in the crib. In the afternoon, when I went there to pick her up, she was sitting in the crib facing towards the sun, struggling to keep her eyes open and crying intermittently.  As her Mom, I saw a little poor baby abandoned by the staff there. What was she thinking there at that time? I just hope she would not think she was ignored. 

The whole week, she did not nap much at all. She immediately cried every time she saw me coming into the room at the daycare. She becomes clingy to me. 

The worst thing, and the least thing I wanted is she is ill now. Last night she felt HOT when I went up to calm her after she woke up in the evening. My instinct told me that she was ill. Today, she was crying constantly, even in the sleep. I guessed she might have a sore throat. I feel so helpless, I do not know what I can make her feel better. Finally, I gave her some Tylonl. Before long, my energetic baby came back. She was all over the place again. At that moment, I felt so happy for her, out of my deep heart. I never realized that a Mother can actually feel this way before I became one. 

Baby Audrey is a strong girl. I believe that she will get over with the fever and other discomfort soon.

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