Saturday, September 27, 2008

Garage Sale

This is the first Summer I live in the American suburb. Throughout the whole summer, Garage Sale signs are all over the places. This is already the 3rd summer I am in the States. Garage Sale has not never been such prevalent around me. I lived in Chicago before I came here. It is next to a joke to have a garage sale there for not many people have a garage in the big city.

As I am a very curious person, I have been wanting to check some GSs out to satisfy my curiosity. My hubby kept telling me people were just getting rid of their junk at GS. Saying goes like "You must see to believe", right? And I am a firm believer of that. Last night, I told my hubby that I would like to go to GSs this Saturday in a tone without any room for discussion. 

Today, I indeed went to 2 GSs. Surprisingly, my hubby went along with me. Things were not to my imagination at all. People did not just get rid of their junk, but also wanted to make a fortune out of it, at least this is true for the 2 I went today. My hubby saw a thermometer for brewing. $10 was requested! My smart hubby had a beer brewing catalog in the car and so he knew the value of it and thus replied to the owner that it was not worthy that much, 5 bucks max! Also other stuff was over priced!!! I just wonder who would buy your junk at this price because my hubby also told me that people wanted to get things cheap. Sign... People are greedy and money driven. On the other hand, some are just cheapskate ("Tan Xiao Pian Yi"). This is exactly another side of greedy and money driven. 

All in all, I am not impressed by today's Garage Sale. However, it is fun to see all the stuff people collect. 

Perhaps, when my hubby has collected enough stuff in our house, I can hold a Garage Sale for once in my life. 

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