Sunday, August 31, 2008

All about babies

One Sunday afternoon this summer, I was strolling my baby daughter in the neighborhood. (BTW, what else do you think I can do in the neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon?) Suddenly, one lady stopped in front of us. She said "we me at the block party last year, when we both were big". Yeah, I knew who she was in no time. I still remembered that she just went to her OB/Gyn before the block party and saying her baby would not be born for another week....I am good at memorizing what people say in many circumstances. Perhaps, I am curious of people around me. The good thing is  she remembered me, too. Then we naturally talked about each other's baby. I learned that her baby, Attikus, is only three weeks older than my Audrey. Cool, perfect playmates for each other. Her name is Alice, like the book Alice's adventures in the wonderland. My Chinese brain immediately translated this into "爱丽丝梦游仙境"。 Thus, I remembered her name no problem. I doubted if she could remember mine, though. She emphasized that I should stop by at them. No problem. I like making friend, especially, this Mom with a baby of Audrey's age. Who knows, perhaps, we can become baby-sitters for each couple's date nights.

Summer is passing by. I barely had free time to go out with Audrey often. Yesterday, I decided to go out with Audrey. The reason is another story, which will be written soon in "Husband and Wife". I went to straight to Alice's house blocks away. She came out upon the doorbell I rang. My Audrey was sitting in her stroller on the driveway. Alice looked a bit surprised at my uninvited visit. "Attikus is napping, unfortunately" was what she said from the ajar door after I said we were walking past by and would like to meet your son. Noooo, I was not welcome. However, she started talking to Audrey after she saw her away on the driveway. We chatted a bit while she was sitting on the ground. She decided to check if Attikus was awake after a while. Now I realized that my worry was unnecessary at all. Yes, he was awake, and we were invited in. Audrey had a great time playing their toys. They have tons more toys than we have for Audrey at home. Audrey is a strong girl, I can tell. We stayed longer than we should have. Audrey did not want to go! "Stop by whenever you want" is what I said to them.

This evening, while I was cooking, our doorbell rang. It is Alice! She was paying us a visit back. Plus, she brought along a tower toy for Audrey that she bought from one garage sale. Audrey loved it when we were visiting them. How thoughtful she is! I decide that she is a good person. Let's see if we can become each other's baby sitter in the future.

It is always good to make friends. 

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ling said...

i don't know why i love this story. just love it.