Saturday, September 13, 2008

China Blue

China Blue is a documentary movie, shot in Shaxi city, Canton, China. The blue stands for Jeans. Yes, the jeans you and I wear daily. These jeans are made by CHEAP Chinese labors, blended with teenager girls' sweet and sleepless nights. In order to ensure a shipment on time, these young girls practically worked 20 hours straight for few weeks. 

I became very angry while I was watching the movie. The greedy Western merchandisers would threaten the garment factory owner by giving the oder to other factory in order to get the lowest prices. They could make 10 more folds of profit than the garment factory did. After the business negotiation, what the workers faced with was sleepless nights in the factory. They were overdrawing their body for the poor wages. The Westerners are extending their exploiting system far into China now. 

I often heard of that Western countries take advantage of Chinese cheap labor, but I never got this struck after watching this movie. I saw how those workers worked, suffered physically. The sad thing is these poor workers have no other choices, but be exploited, to make a little money to help their even poorer families in the far away villages. What a unfair world. If you are poor, you will be dominated by the rich as much as they want. 

I had to talk to my husband about this movie after I watched it. His reaction is everybody knows this, that is the exact reason why he does not shop at Walmart. Why cann't those companies go to Germany or Britain to get the labor? Because they have strong economy! China still has weak economy! As a Chinese myself, how much I wish my country becomes strong and get treated equally.

Still, I am proud of our rich culture and history, which can not be taken away by the Western, luckily! even though the Western culture is penetrating into China, unfortunately.

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