Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quinoa with beets and Brussel sprouts

Quinoa is a relatively new food, but very trendy. I have been wanted to cook it for so long, however, I kept forgetting to buy some. Finally last weekend, I bought some in the bulk fruit/grain section in Wegmans and it is organic!

Tonight, I forged this dish in my head by playing colors. I cooked the Quinoa in chicken stock, so I got this yellowish hue. Brussel sprouts were boiled in water then sauted in olive oil with garlic and a little bit mushroom. Beets were from a tin, so I simply rinsed them and added to the veggies. When the Quinoa was done cooking, I added it to the mixed veggies, topped with some toasted pine nuts and ready to serve. (I forgot to add the pine nuts before I remembered to take the picture.) It was very health and pretty tasty.

I will definitely make this dish again, with whatever veggies in hand, and I will add some meat, too. Because my husband thought I forgot the essence of a meal for this dish. :-) Guess I will never become a vegetarian.

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