Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New day care for Audrey.

Another new place for Audrey during the day since Oct. 5.

The previous nannies she had are all Chinese speaking because we want her to learn Chinese besides English. Now this one is an American lady and some other kids at her house, too.

The first day, we both went to the new day care with her and were prepared for some refuse-to-stay battles. She got in the house, saw those toys & kids and then felt at home. Our bye-bye to her did not upset her at all. What a surprise!

It turned out that she really enjoys playing with the other kids and toys. She will look for some kids when they are not coming for the day. Apparently, they go out a lot, all sorts of play places, from farm market, MacDonald play place to even supermarkets. At home, she will talk to herself about Harper, her new favorite friend.

In the mean time, I have noticed that she speaks a lot more English than before. My biggest hope is she will continue speaking Chinese.

She and her new favorite friend, Harper:


MouseBabycakes said...

from what i heard from other bi/multi-lingual parents - the most important thing is to keep talking to her in chinese. we have friends who are german-belgian/spanish. they live in UK, and their daughter speaks excellent french and german, and is now picking up english in school. she also says she wants to learn spanish! so this seems to be more 'work for parents' than for kids :)

Oregon Rain said...

I find you finally! How are you? Your daughter is growing up! She is so cute!