Sunday, November 1, 2009

Audrey's 2nd Halloween

Audrey was sick with fever and running nose almost the whole week last week. At one point, I was thinking Audrey would not be fit enough to go trick or treat on Saturday. Surprisingly, she had a good night sleep and woke up late but full charged yesterday morning. At the same time, Hubby is also sick, still recovering.

In the end, we did not carve our pumpkins. The weather was bad for outings, cold, wet and windy. In the end, we three went out to our nearest neighbors, 6 in total, to let Audrey experience the trick or treat game. Afterwards, we were handing out our candies. Audrey got very excited every time she heard the door bell. She would shout "coming, coming" and run to the door, watching all these kids until they were out of sight. That was very cute.

I tried hard to take some decent pictures of her in her bat costume, but she did cooperate with me at all.

A little purple/black bat sneaking from the candy bowl:

Looking back: Audrey was a Bumble Bee on 2008 Halloween:

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